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The Second Wind [2007] [DVD]

The Second Wind [2007] [DVD]

in French with english subtitles

Le Deuxième Souffle (2007)

directed by Alain Corneau

- Daniel Auteuil
- Monica Belucci
- Michel Blanc

Daniel Auteuil stars as Gustave 'Gu' Minda, a notorious gangster who has recently escaped from jail. When Gu contacts his old accomplices to organise one final job in order to raise the necessary funds to leave the country with his lover, Manouche (Monica Bellucci), the job is a success - but the police on his tail orchestrate events to make it appear to Gu's men that he has betrayed them. He must now race against time to clear his name and restore his honour...

in French with english subtitles


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The Second Wind [2007] [DVD]