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Terror within & Dead Space - DVD [NTSC - 1]

Terror within & Dead Space - DVD [NTSC - 1]

2 movies on 1 DVD

The Terror Within (1989)
directed by Thierry Notz
- George Kennedy

In the aftermath of some sort of biological apocalypse five scientists and a couple of engineers huddle in an underground complex somewhere in the Mojave Desert, making only rare forays out into the plague-ravaged world, which is inhabited by mutated man-beasts they call "gargoyles." After they bring a female human survivor into the complex, it is discovered that she is pregnant with a gargoyle fetus. When they attempt to abort it, it bursts from her womb and escapes into the ventilation system, where, in a matter of hours, it grows to full maturity. Now there's a man-eating/woman-raping terror within their walls, and they must find a way to hunt it down and kill it if anyone is going to survive.


Dead Space (1991)
directed by Fred Gallo
with Marc Singer, Laura Tate and Bryan Cranston.

Dead space is a intriging movie with plenty of suspense and bite your fingers entertainment. Travelling in space with aliens on their turf, Answering a distress call in the middle of space, fighting a virus.

4:3 presentation.


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Terror within & Dead Space -  DVD  [NTSC - 1]