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On M'Appelle King [DVD]

On M'Appelle King [DVD]

His name was King

Lo Chiamavano King / His Name was King / The Last Bullet  / On m'Apelle King

Starring Klaus Kinski, Richard Harrison, Vassili Karis,John Bartha,Rick Boyd ,Dean Stratford, Maily Doria.

Directed by Giancarlo Romitelli
Italy 1971

French,Italian language  widescreen

Another variation on the ‘revenge for a slaughtered family” theme as John “King” Marley (Richard Harrison) rides in from the range to find his brother murdered and his sister-in-law, Carol (Anne Pusking), beaten and raped. The brutality was meant as a warning from the vicious Benson gang, wild guntrafficking outlaws who disliked King’s interference in their affairs. Craving justice, King leaves traumatized Carol with his friend, Sheriff Foster (Klaus Kinski), and then proceeds to rigorously track down the killers.

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On M'Appelle King [DVD]