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Maladolescenza DVD+R

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Maladolescenza   DVD+R

"Maladolescenza" also known as "Puppy Love" starring Eva Ionesca.
A boy (Martin Loeb) and girl (Lara Wendel) in their early teens must psychically explore their budding sexuality. Things get complicated when another girl (Eva Ionesco) enters the picture, our young hero drawn to this beauty and his old friend now a bit ignored. As the tension between the three builds, cruel games are used to express complex emotions; might someone get hurt before it is all over? An outstanding, realistic look at this developmental stage which does not shy away from the passions and confusions of puberty. The three actors are the complete cast; the movie was filmed mostly in a picturesque forest.

Director: Pier Guiseppe Murgia Year 1977, Italy/W.Germany 
Running time :  91 min 
Cast Martin Loeb Lara Wendel Eva Ionesco.

uncut / unfogged

Italian language with english subtitles
or German language only


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