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Heroes of Western Vol.1 [DVD]

Heroes of Western Vol.1 [DVD]


Ein Mann Wie Dynamit (The Restless Breed) (1957)
directed by Allan Dwan

with Scott Brady, Anne Bancroft en Jim Davis

Educated but hot-headed Mitch Baker travels to the border town of Mission intent on avenging the death of his secret service father at the hand of contraband gang leader Newton.

- 4:3

- B&W

Land der Verfluchten (Santa Fe Trail) (1940)
directed by Michael Curtiz
with Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland and Ronald Reagan

In 1854, Jeb Stuart, George Custer and other graduates from West Point are posted to Kansas to help pacify the territory before railroad construction to Santa Fe can resume.

Die 7. Kavallerie (7th Cavalry)(1956)
directed by Joseph H. Lewis
with Randolph Scott, Barbara Hale and Jay C. Flippen

An officer accused of cowardice volunteers to bring back General Custers's body after Little Big Horn.

Für eine Handvoll Geld (The Big Trees) (1952)
directed by Felix E. Feist
with Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller and Patrice Wymore

A Quaker colony tries to save the giant sequoias from a timber baron.

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Heroes of Western Vol.1 [DVD]