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Hell of the Living Dead [Blu-ray]

Hell of the Living Dead [Blu-ray]

Blu-ray Disc: XT Video (Limited Edition) (Mediabook - Cover A)

Night of the Zombies
Zombie Creeping Flesh

D:Bruno Mattei

label: XT Video,Austria

The plot centers around a New Guinea chemical accident that attracts the attention of a SWAT team and a buxom reporter (Newton). When the SWAT team finally penetrates the chemical cloud, they find a race of flesh eating zombies hungry for human flesh. Full of gratuitous nudity, stock footage of natives, animals, and rotting corpses, and insane dialogue.

subtitles: German

- 1.85:1

contains Blu-ray and DVD

Mint Condition

€ 24.95

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Hell of the Living Dead  [Blu-ray]