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Ein Loch in der Stirn [DVD] [Buchbox]

Ein Loch in der Stirn [DVD] [Buchbox]

A Hole in the Forehead

A Hole between the eyes
Un Buco in Fronte
Ein Loch in der Stirn
Italy 1968
Directed by Giuseppe Vari

Starring Anthony Ghidra, Robert Hundar

Manguja, the reckless and cruel bandit, is looking for a treasure which he knows exists, but not where it is hidden. Other people know, and they will pay the greedy Manguja with their lives, because he never hesitates to commit violent acts, robberies and other cruel damage to innocent people. Blood, the fastest pistol-shot in the west, wants to put an end to Manguaja’s life and to his raids.

German audio - English subtitled  


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Ein Loch in der Stirn  [DVD] [Buchbox]

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