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Django Spricht Kein Vaterunser (1968) (DVD)

Django Spricht Kein Vaterunser (1968) (DVD)

The Gatlin Gun

Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco
that damned hot day of fire

Italy / Spain 1968
Director : Paolo Bianchi

Label: Savoy

- Robert Woods
- John Ireland
- Evelyn Stewart
- Robert Camardiel

We are in the middle of the American Civil war and Richard Gatlin, the inventor of the machinegun, has to meet a secret commission set by President Lincoln.The commission members are killed, Gatlin is kidnapped and Chris Tanner is sentenced to death as a traitor.Chris Tanner will prove his innocence


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Django Spricht Kein Vaterunser  (1968)  (DVD)