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Die Rache des Wikingers 3 - Der Gefürchtete [ DVD]

Die Rache des Wikingers 3 - Der Gefürchtete [ DVD]

Erik, The Viking

Erik, il Vichingo (1965)
Erik, el Vikingo, Erik, the Viking, Vengeance of the Vikings

Italy / Spain 1965

Directed by Mario Caiano

- starring
- Giuliano Gemma
- Eleonora Bianchi
- Alfio Caltabianco
- Eduardo Fajardo
- Gordon Mitchell

German,Italian language
- an.widescreen
- Pal / 2

label: MIG
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Viking chief Thorvald dies from a mortal combat wound. He realizes his son Erloff is not a worthy successor, but his will divides his property equally between him and Erik, the valiant son of his sister, who also gets his weapons and the mission to lead a sea-faring expedition to find new land for a settlement, crucial as their Scandinavian home village won't be able to resist the might of the Danish kingdom. Supporters of Erloff mount an attempt at Erik's life, which fails; the perpetrator is killed before he can betray them, so Sven and another can join Erik's expedition, intending to kill him. After a long, perilous sea-voyage, they reach Vinland, a then subtropical part of North America, and after Erik valiantly saves chief's daughter Wa-ta-wa from a brown bear make friends with the brave but pacific Indians, Erik's Greek friend Angheropoulos even teaches them how to use the grapes for wine-making. However the desire of an Indian to marry Wa-ta-wa makes him and his supporters the ideal allies for another plot by traitor Sven's bloodthirsty party, which is after the Indians' gold...

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Die Rache des Wikingers 3 - Der Gefürchtete [ DVD]