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Devil's Kiss (1975) (DVD)

Devil's Kiss (1975) (DVD)

starring Silvia Solar

La Perversa Caricia de Satán

One kiss dragged the dead from their graves...

Claire Grandier is a medium with one thing on her mind... Blood drenched vengeance. She s a psychic black widow who ll stop at nothing to destroy the Duke De Haussement, the man she holds responsible for her husband s untimely death. After charming her way into the creepy basement of the Duke s crumbling castle on the promise of revealing occult secrets, she sets to work with a sick professor and a twisted dwarf, creating a demon-possessed Frankenstein zombie who s programmed to Kill! Kill! Kill! in this demented and mixed up Spanish classic.

Wild 70s fashion and fashionable devilry collide with every cliché in the gothic horror manual for a wild ride into sleazy retro Euro-terror. Prepare to feel the wicked caresses of Satan...

directed by Jordi Gigo

starring Silvia Solar, Olivier Mathot and José Nieto

English ,French audio
- optional english subtitles  
- an.widescreen

Label: Arrow

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Devil's Kiss (1975) (DVD)