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Der Terror Führt Regie (1974) [DVD]

Der Terror Führt Regie (1974) [DVD]

How to Kill a Judge

Terror führt Regie, Der
Warum mußte Staatsanwalt Traini sterben?
Perché si uccide un Magistrato?

Genre: Crime - Thriller
Director : Damiano Damiani
Italy 1974

music by Riz Ortolani
- Franco Nero
- Françoise Fabian
- Marco Guglielmi
- Renzo Palmer
- Sergio Valentini
- Giorgio Cerioni

audio: German,Italian  
- an.widescreen  

label: filmArt - small hardbox edition,
limited to 500 pieces
- DVD is new - not sealed

Film maker Giacomo Solaris (Franco Nero) has found success with his latest thriller, but when real life events begin to mirror his film, he must act fast to get to the bottom of the mystery. A judge known for his ties to the mafia is murdered, and Solaris's friends are being knocked off in ever more gruesome ways; Soon, Solaris is on his way to uncovering widespread political corruption.

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Der Terror Führt Regie (1974) [DVD]