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Der Silberspeer der Shaolin (1978) [DVD]

Der Silberspeer der Shaolin (1978) [DVD]

starring Wang Yu - English,German audio

Deadly Kung Fu Lady
Deadly Silver Spear
Huet Lin Waan
Shaolin's Silver Spear
Silver Spear, The
True Master

Taiwan, 1978

The pacifist warrior Silver Hermit is accused of having killed and/or conspired to kill three rivals in a martial arts contest. The contest is to choose a brave warrior to marry a princess, heir to a famous martial arts school and the daughter of the most powerful martial artist in China, Lady Jade. In proving his innocence, Silver Hermit teams up with a mysterious woman and the warrior Iron Axe to fight against his accusers as well as the real culprits. These disciples are the disciples of a nefarious martial arts master seeking revenge against the princess's mother who had defeated him 2 decades back.

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Der Silberspeer der Shaolin (1978) [DVD]