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Der Junge Törless (1966)(DVD)[NTSC-0]

Der Junge Törless (1966)(DVD)[NTSC-0]

Young Törless - The Criterion Collection

West-Germany / France


87 minutes        

directed by Volker Schlöndorff

with Mathieu Carrière, Marian Seidowsky and Bernd Tischer

At a boarding school in the pre-war Austro-Hungarian Empire, a pair of students torture one of their fellow classmates, Basini, who has been caught stealing money from one of the two. The two decide that rather than turn Basini in to the school authorities, they will punish him themselves and proceed to torture, degrade, and humiliate the boy, with ever-increasing sadistic delight. As each day passes, the two boys are able to justify harsher treatment than previously given. Torless is a passive member of the group but observes rather than participates and frustrates the tormentors by dryly analyzing their behavior.

in German with English subtitles

- B&W

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Der Junge Törless (1966)(DVD)[NTSC-0]