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Dead Doll (2004)[DVD]

Dead Doll (2004)[DVD]

directed by Adam Sherman

cast: Romi Koch

Some feelings never die. No more suffering than throes of creation. For a young sculptor Brian they turn into a nightmare. In a fit of angry quarrel with his girlfriend, Brian loses control and accidentally kills her. Now the failure of the craft - not his main problem. Brian decides to get rid of the body, created from a unique doll. However, the forces of darkness have their own plans on the creation of Brian. Trapped between the worlds the ghost of the dead girl returns to the body of a doll, turning it into a being thirsty by vengeance. On the way to her goal, she is ready to make even the most sophisticated imagination, each of the new owners. It knows no pity and will not stop as long as the murderer and punish his creator. But who knows how many innocent victims will be sacrificed, while the bloody cycle of violence finally snaps?

English audio d.d.5.1

- dutch subt  

condition:new,not sealed

- widescreen

- Pal / 2

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Dead Doll (2004)[DVD]