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Days of Vengeance [DVD+R]

Days of Vengeance [DVD+R]

partly dutch subtitled - long version - English audio

Days of vengeance
i lunghi giorni della vendetta
the deadliest fight
De laatste kogel

directed by Florestano Vancini
italy / spain 1967

- Giuliano Gemma
- Francisco Rabal
- Nieves Navarro

After evading from jail, where he was serving the inevitable sentence for the typical murder he had never committed, Ted Barnett returns to Carltown, in order to punish the crime’s true culprits : Cobb, a cruel landlord, Gomez and Sheriff Douglas, who has, in the meantime, married Barnett’s girlfriend, Dolly.
The threesome had sent Ted to jail in order to kill the man’s father, thus taking possession of his railroad.
With the aid of a wandering dentist, his daughter and Dolly, Ted will exact his revenge.

full English language version
- Dutch subtitled
- widescreen

missing scenes inserted in English language with japanese subtitles

running time 110 minutes

source : VHS

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Days of Vengeance   [DVD+R]

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