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Darn Good Westerns Volume 1 (DVD) [NTSC-0]

Darn Good Westerns Volume 1 (DVD) [NTSC-0]


Hellgate (1952)
directed by Charles Marquis Warren
with Sterling Hayden, Joan Leslie and Ward Bond

Man is framed & sent to toughest prison in the territory.

Panhandle (1948)
directed by Lesley Selander
with Rod Cameron, Cathy Downs and Reed Hadley

John Sands, a former Texas marshal turns to ranching, and lat

Fangs of the Wild (1954)
directed by  William F. Claxton
with Charles Chaplin Jr., Onslow Stevens and Margia Dean

Tad Summers, son of mountain lodge owner Jim Summers, sees Roger Wharton kill his supposed best friend. Tad tells his father, who doesn't believe him, but Linda Wharton, Roger's wife, does and taunts him into a confession. Roger sets out to get rid of the boy.

Train to Tombstone (1950)
directed by William Berke
with Don 'Red' Barry, Robert Lowery and Wally Vernon

One of the passengers on a train to Tombstone decides to rob it of the $250,000 it is carrying.

Operation Haylift (1950)
directed by  William Berke
with Bill Williams, Ann Rutherford and Tom Brown

Eighteen snowstorms in 27 days hit the Rocky Mountain and upper Great Plains states in December 1948-January 1949. This epic tells the tale of how the US Air Force airdropped food and supplies to stranded travelers, residents and livestock.

Wildfire:The Story of a Horse
with Bob Steele, Sterling Holloway, John Miljan
Fanning has his men rustle horses and then blame it on a wild horse named Wildfire. Happy and Alkali arrive and immediately get into trouble with Fanning and his men. When Alkali is shot, Happy catches the outlaws but the Judge not only releases them, he discharges the Sheriff and tries to arrest Happy for rustling. Happy escapes and he and the Sheriff then set out to prove who the real rustlers are.

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Darn Good Westerns Volume 1 (DVD)  [NTSC-0]