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Darby's Rangers (DVD)

Darby's Rangers (DVD)

starring James Garner

directed by William Wellman

also starrring
- Edward Byrnes
- Stuart Whitman
- Jack Warden

The cold rain is relentless. Huddled in the mountains, the Gis are soaked, weary, miserable. One might say it was hell on Earth but these men know better. They already walked through hell when they spearheaded the invasions of North Africa and Sicily. Waiting next is something worse: the brutal nightmare of Anzio.

Darby's Rangers, the heroic saga of the on- and off-battlefield lives of America's fierce World War II fighting forces. Exposed to great front-line danger, their losses were high - but so was their courage.

English audio B&W 122 minutes, widescreen NTSC / All regions

label: Warner Archive Collection
Mint Condition

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Darby's  Rangers (DVD)