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Curse of the devil(1973) [DVD] [NTSC - 1]

Curse of the devil(1973) [DVD] [NTSC - 1]

starring Paul Naschy

El Retorno de Walpurgis

Return of the Walpurgis

directed by Carlos Aured
Spanish horror star Paul Naschy stars once again as Waldemar Daninsky, the nobleman werewolf from his previous three films. Resurrected at the beginning of the film after a silver bullet is removed from his corpse, Daninsky returns to his castle where the two vampires who murdered him are buried. When two students wander into the castle and accidentally revive them, history begins to repeat itself. Suspenseful and filled with the gothic atmosphere that became his trademark, CURSE OF THE DEVIL was Naschy's most popular film.

extra:Interview with Paul Naschy
label: Anchor Bay
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English audio
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- NTSC/1

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Curse of the devil(1973)  [DVD]  [NTSC - 1]