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Clumpsy Hands [DVD+R]

Clumpsy Hands [DVD+R]

audio: English - widescreen - Source: VHS

Manos Torpes
Quando Satana impugno la Colt

Italy / Spain 1968

Directed by R.R.Marchent

- Peter Lee Lawrence
- Alberto de Mendoza
- Aldo Sambrell
- Frank Brana

A young farmhand in love with the rancher's daughter and who is totally opposed to any form of violence, due the fact that as a child he was forced to witness the gunning down of his outlaw father.

The Rancher who is opposed to the relationship +between his daughter and the ranch-hand has him horsewhipped and left for dead in the desert.

He is rescued by an aging bountyhunter who introduces him to a mysterious oriental.

During the following months the oriental teaches him the art of gunfighting and instills him a thirst for revenge that can only lead to bloodshed...

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Clumpsy Hands   [DVD+R]