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China - Gate (DVD) [NTSC-0]

China - Gate (DVD) [NTSC-0]

English subtitled

This is a story of 10 men. 10 old men with a glorious past, a dark present, and no future.... 17 years ago, these same men were Brave Soldiers - confident, deadly, and very proud. Commanded by Col. Krishna Kant, their formidable battalion was the honour of the Indian Army. And then, one fateful night... a moment of human weakness of the part of Col. Krishna Kant... and mission went horribly wrong. That one incident changed their lives completely, driving them off the rails. Today, they are just a bunch of washouts, each one at a dead end in their lives. Now, 17 years later, they have a second chance... A desperate mission... It can give them their redemption... or Death!  
directed by Rajkumar Santoshi

label: Eros international
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China - Gate (DVD) [NTSC-0]