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Challenge of MC.Kenna [ DVD+R]

Challenge of MC.Kenna [ DVD+R]

Dutch subtitled - English audio

la sfida dei MacKenna

Italy / Spain 1969
Directed by Leon Klimovsky

- John Ireland, Robert Woods
- Annabella Incontrera
- Roberto Camardiel
- Ken Wood

Don Diego's law has to be respected by everybody, his children included. He doesn't hesitate to have his daughter's admirer hanged : a young cowboy not worthy of becoming a member of the family. But just at the moment in which the hanging is to take place, JOnes arrives, a powerfull-looking man and an expert with a pistol. Jones, altough on Castro's land, wants to give the hanged man a Christian burial and this "strange" decision is a start of reistance. But Jones does not want to be dominated, and he is forced to defend himself.

English language - Dutch subtitled
93 minutes

source : VHS

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Challenge of MC.Kenna  [ DVD+R]