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Carambola's Philosophy [DVD+R]

Carambola's Philosophy [DVD+R]

Last One

4 vuisten op een schietend scheurijzer
Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby
Carambola filotto...tutti in buca
Los Hermanos de Trinidad

Directed by Ferdinando Baldi
Italy  1975

Starring Paul Smith · Michael Coby · Piero Lulli · Giovanni Pazzafini · Ray O’Connor
Music: Franco Bixio & Vince Tempera

English language - dutch subtitled  -  Widescreen
source : VHS

The sequal of Carambola starts of when our two hero’s steal a secret weapon the army is testing in a ghosttown. El Supremo the local bandit wants to lay his hands on it as well as the much feared ward. Our friends have debts and are hungry so they decide to sell it to both. The final transaction will take place in the saloon.
Trouble begins and on top of that the army arrives.

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Carambola's Philosophy   [DVD+R]