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Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (DVD) [NTSC-1]

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (DVD) [NTSC-1]

Cult favorite Hammer Films offers another addition to its catalogue of horror classics with this swashbuckling tale of a 19th-century vampire hunter. Directed by Brian Clemens of 1960s Avengers fame, CAPTAIN KRONOS stars Germanic actor Horst Janson as the eponymous hero, a former military captain haunted by the loss of his wife and child to vampires and now determined to rid the world of this evil legion of terror. Together with his hunchbacked travelling companion and expert vampire authority Professor Grost (John Cater), Kronos roams the earth hunting down the undead and dispatching them with a slash of his samurai sword. When a pastoral village in the remote English countryside is suddenly plagued by a series of brutal murders--several beautiful young women are found with their faces horribly aged--Kronos and Grost are sent in to investigate. It isn't long before the intrepid duo confirm the work of a unique vampire who drains its victims not of their blood--but of their youth.

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Additional Release Material:
Audio Commentary - 1. Jonathan Sothcott - Genre Historian, Brian Clemens - Writer/Director/Producer, Caroline Munro - Star

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Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (DVD) [NTSC-1]