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Burial Ground : The Nights of Terror [DVD] [NTSC-1]

Burial Ground : The Nights of Terror [DVD] [NTSC-1]

Zombie 3

Le Notti del Terrore (1981)

Zombie 3

directed by Andrea Bianchi

English audio

-an. widescreen

new uncut an.widescreen transfer

The nights of terror are unleashed when a professor's thirst for knowledge seals his own demise when he unwittingly unseals a cursed underground crypt in an ancient burial ground! The desecrated graveyard erupts with a ground swell of ravenous, rotting, flesh hungry zombies that shamble into the night in search of living human prey! On the adjoining grounds, a group of clueless, decadent socialites are enjoying a wild weekend retreat of debauchery. Among the the eccentric guest are a nympho mother and her freakish, incestuous son! Unfortunately for the guests, their isolated country villa lies directly in the path of the flesh-eating horde that have party plans of their own! For years Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror has only been available in a cropped, murky, transfer. For the first time, the film's ever growing audience will see every gory detail in a new widescreen, anamorphic, and digitally remastered edition .

Label: Shriek Show
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Burial Ground : The Nights of Terror [DVD] [NTSC-1]