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Buffet Froid (1979) [DVD]

Buffet Froid (1979) [DVD]

in French with English subtitles

directed by Bertrand Blier
Year: 1979

Genre: Thriller,Black Comedy

- Gérard Depardieu
- Carole Bouquet

- 1.78:1

Unemployed loner Alphonse Tram (Gerard Depardieu) becomes prime suspect in a serial killing investigation after his knife is found sticking out of a body on the Metro. As the net closes around him, and the bodycount escalates, he goes on the run with a couple of unlikely allies: the ageing police inspector who lives upstairs, and a depressive who has murdered his wife. Bertrand Blier directs this labyrinthine contemporary film noir.

label: Optimum,UK

- Mint Condition

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Buffet Froid (1979) [DVD]