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Blood Calls to Blood [DVD+R]

Blood Calls to Blood [DVD+R]

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sanque chiama sanque / blood calls to blood / blood for blood

italy 1968
director : Luigi Capuano

Music : Francesco de Masi

Cast :
- Fernado Sancho
- Stephen Forsythe
- German Cobos

Sancho Rodriquez, the head of a group of Mexican bandits, manages to steal the diamond diadem from the head of the statue of the Madonna, in a monestary near the frontier between Mexico and California. In order to do so, he has to kill all the friars in the monestary, and among them is young novice Louis, the adored brother of Angel, another outlaw, who swears to vindicate his death.

English audio - widescreen - Source:TV

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Blood Calls to Blood [DVD+R]