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Blood and black Lace - (2 DVD) NTSC-0

Blood and black Lace - (2 DVD) NTSC-0

label: VCI - with sleeve as shown

Sei Donne per l'Assassino (1964)

directed by Mario Bava

A suspense thriller (or "giallo") from Italy about a gloved and masked murderer who preys on gorgeous fashion models. Could the killer be driven by something more than pure sexual deviance? One of the models keeps a diary of the forbidden love affairs and recreational drug smuggling that takes place at a swanky fashion salon where she works, and the murderer is willing to do whatever it takes to silence whomever reads it. A stylish film from the Italian king of shock cinema, Mario Bava.

· bonus music tracks by composer Carlo Rustichelli
· interview with Mary Dawne Arden, Cameron Mitchell

blood and black lace unlashed collector's edition.
Audio:English, Italian or French
-Subt: Eng or Spanish
- Widescreen
- NTSC/0

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Blood and black Lace - (2 DVD) NTSC-0