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Bitter Victory (1957) [DVD]

Bitter Victory (1957) [DVD]

starring Richard Burton - opt.dutch subtitles

directed by Nicholas Ray

A World War II drama starring Richard Burton and Curt Jurgens as Captain Leith and Major Brand, a pair of British Army officers assigned to execute a daring commando raid on the Libyan stronghold of General Rommel. Before the mission even begins, the tension between the two is evident, a situation that is only exacerbated when Brand learns that Leith was once romantically involved with his wife, Jane (Ruth Roman). Once the operation is underway, Brand's cowardice forced Leith to step in and kill a German soldier. This act only adds to Brand's hatred for his second-in-command and as it grows, a series of disasters threaten the men and the successof their mission. Who will live, who will die, and what price honor?

English audio

subtitles: Dutch,Greek



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Bitter Victory (1957)  [DVD]