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Ben & Charlie [DVD+R]

Ben & Charlie [DVD+R]

Dutch subtitled - English audio

Amigo, stammi lontano almeno un palmo

- Giuliano Gemma
- George Eastman
- Giacomo Rossi Stuart
- Marisa Mell

Italy 1970
Directed by Michele Lupo

English audio
- dutch subtitled
- 104 minutes
-  widescreen

- source : VHS

Ben Bellow and Charlie Logan ( Giuliano Gemma and George Eastman ) are amigos.
Ben Bellow is released from prison after a 2 years sentence and he’s glad his old friend Charlie awaits him.
His enjoyment is soon over as he learns that Charlie wants to settle an old score. They split up but due circumstances they meet again and decide to team up again. In Desert City they are mistaken for dangerous criminals. Enjoying the attention and notoriety, they encourage the scam until an unscrupulous sheriff falsifies evidence ( to protect himself ) and puts them in prison.
They manage to escape from jail but being hunted the two are now even more in trouble.    

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Ben & Charlie   [DVD+R]

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