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Beauty & the Beast [DVD] [NTSC-1]

Beauty & the Beast [DVD] [NTSC-1]

starring Klaus Kinski

also starring
- Susan Sarandon

directed by Roger Vadim


FAERIE TALE THEATRE's production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST makes for dazzling family entertainment, with strong performances from lead actors Susan Sarandon and Klaus Kinski in the title roles.

Beauty's merchant father steals a white rose from the castle of the Beast (Klaus Kinski). As punishment, the Beast orders that the merchant return to the castle in 3 days, or else one of his daughters must go in his place. Youngest daughter Beauty (Susan Sarandon) selflessly sacrifices her own freedom to release her father.

Once in the castle, Beauty slowly begins to win the friendship and trust of the Beast, who hides a gentle and kind heart beneath his frightening exterior.

Directed by Roger Vadim and co-starring Anjelica Huston and Nancy Lenehan as Beauty's jealous sisters, this version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is based on Jean Cocteau's celebrated French movie classic. Highly-recommended.

English audio

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Beauty & the Beast [DVD] [NTSC-1]