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Ballata per un Pistolero ( DVD)

Ballata per un Pistolero ( DVD)


Pistoleros / Ballata per un Pistolero
Starring Anthony Ghidra, Angelo Infanti, Ivan Scratuglia

music by Marcello Giombini

directed by Alfio Caltabiano

Two gunmen set out in relentless pursuit of the notorious bandit El Bedoja for very different reasons.The first gunman, Nigros, is a bounty hunter who is after a rich award for the outlaw's capture. The other,named Kud, is an older man who has a personal account to settle with the Mexican bandit. Both pistoleros face a collision course with death as the exciting film races to its shattering climax.

Italian language    


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Ballata per un Pistolero ( DVD)

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