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Antichrist - DVD [NTSC-1]

Antichrist - DVD [NTSC-1]

directed by A.de Martino

L'Anticristo (1974)

directed by Alberto de Martino

- Carla Gravina
- Mel Ferrer

music by Ennio Morricone

An "Exorcist"-like B-movie with a teenaged girl the subject of demonic possession. when placed under hypnosis, she is seized by visions of her past life as a heretic and becomes a foul-mouthed seductress with a taste for perversion that lead to her defilement by Satan himself. Now, mankind's only hope for salvation is a harrowing exorcism that will either cast out the devil forever or open the door for the unspeakable birth of The AntiChrist!

English language

- widescreen

Label:Anchor Bay,USA - Mint Condition

extra: Interview with Alberto De Martino and Ennio Morricone

€ 8.95

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Antichrist  - DVD [NTSC-1]