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And they never came back [DVD]

And they never came back [DVD]

audio:Duits - opt.Engelse OT

Und sie kehrten niemals Wieder
Germany 2011

Director : Günter Brandl

- an. widescreen
- Pal / 2

A classic western italo style made in Germany.

(filmlocations also in Spain)

A man waking up in barren hills, surrounded by corpses, has forgotten who he is. A crippled woman seeks justice for the assassination of her husband. Two different posses hunt a man named McCanahaugh. A female bounty-hunter wants to reclaim her toddler from his foster-parents, the male of which molests his grown daughter. The Amnesiac takes her with him, but she knocks him down. Then the bounty hunter finds him and all the lines rope together.


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And they never came back [DVD]