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And now make peace with god [DVD+R]

And now make peace with god [DVD+R]

audio: Engels - Bron: DVD

Ed ora...raccomanda l'anima a dio !

- Fabio Testi
- Jeff Cameron
- Mohamad Ali Fardin
- Cristina Penz
- Virginia Darval
- Calisto Calisti
- Amerigo Leoni.

Italie - 1968

During a ride to Denver City, three men meet each other in a stagecoach. They quickly find out that they all have different motives why they are on this coach. The first man wants to avenge the murder of his father, the second man has a score to settle with a gang of outlaws who stole his gold and the third man doesn't have any better plans in mind ! How convenient that the three men find out, when they arrive in Denver City, that behind their problems is the same man! They team up to eliminate the evil town boss...


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And now make peace with god   [DVD+R]