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An Animal Called Man [DVD+R]

An Animal Called Man [DVD+R]

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Un Animal Chiamato Uomo

met Vassilli Karis - Craig Hill

Italie - 1973

Billy (Vassilli Karis) and Johnny (Craig Hill) are small-time crooks with big-time ambitions and a knack for stirring up trouble. When they join a vicious outlaw gang preying on a small town, the two men find themselves on a collision-course with the gang's ruthless leader and the result is a firestorm of mayhem and violence that few will survive ! As collectors for the gang's protection racket, Billy and Johnny are so adept at the job that the gang leader begins to view them as a threat - and any threat must be eliminated ! Ambushed by the gang's gunmen, Johnny is killed and Billt gravely wounded; Billy knows that the conflict can only have one resultion: he must kill, or be killed !

audio: Engels - fullscreen - Bron: VHS


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An Animal Called Man   [DVD+R]