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Ambush (1950) (DVD) [NTSC-0]

Ambush (1950) (DVD) [NTSC-0]

- Robert Taylor
- Don Taylor

Directed by Sam Wood

audio: English  


The U.S. Cavalry knows that traveling the unmapped Arizona Territory canyons and trails in search of a woman kidnapped by Apaches could mean riding into a trap. So they ask the help of Ward Kinman, a prospector and scout who knows both the terrain and the ways of the warring tribesmen.
Nearly a decade after Billy the Kid, Robert Taylor saddled up a second time and portrayed Kinman in Ambush, the film that began his steady string of work in a genre that suited him like a Colt .45 tucked easy into hip leather. Marguerite Roberts (True Grit) offers a script filled with blazing action and romantic subplots.  

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Ambush (1950) (DVD)  [NTSC-0]