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Alien 2 - DVD

Alien 2 - DVD

Audio:Duits & Engels

Alien 2 sulla Terra

geregisseerd door Ciro Ippolito

Een groep speleologen wordt in een onderaardse grot geconfronteerd met vreemdsoortige zwerfkeien, die een eigen leven leiden en kwaadaardige bedoelingen blijken te hebben.

Italie - 1980
- Belinda Mayne
- Mark Bodin
- Michele Soavi

muziek: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Digitaal Remasterd


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Alien 2 - DVD

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There are two versions, the American (85 minutes) and the European (102 minutes). The American version starts out with the main character, Herbert Lyutak, getting wounded in Vietnam. We learn that Herbert was born in Hungary and immigrated to the US in 1961 and joined the army in 1962. He has done three tours of duty in Vietnam and is a decorated, model soldier. He has been wounded and is being taken away in a helicopter. He is looking at a nurse and she changes into another woman who we soon find out is his wife, Marcia, played by the lovely Rita Calderoni. Right after the credits we get to see Herbert pick up a girl in a bar and drive her out to a remote spot, chase her into a stream and then strip her and beat her to death. It's a pretty violent scene and not for the squeamish. Of course that could apply to almost every murder in this movie.
The European version really is quite different than the American release . Both versions are a bit confusing but the European version is more consistent. It also skips the whole Vietnam segment which wasn't very well done anyway. The endings are both quite different as well and a couple murders are filmed differently also.
label : Anchor Bay, USA