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Adios Gringo/Blood on a Silver Dollar [DVD]

Adios Gringo/Blood on a Silver Dollar [DVD]

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Adios Gringo

Giuliano Gemma as Brent Landers
Evelyn Stewart as Lucy Tillson
Nello Pazzafini as Gil Clawson
Pierre Cressoy as Clayton Ranchester
Germano Longo as Stan Clevenger
Massimo Righi as Avery Ranchester
Roberto Camardiel as Dr. Barfield
Francisco Brana as Ranchester cowboy
Osiride Peverello as Ranchester cowboy
Directed by George Finaley (Giorgio Stegani)

A young rancher, swindled in a cattle deal, kills a rancher, in self-defense, who has accused him of stealing his cattle. He then gets caught up in adventure and romance as he tries to prove his innocence and clear his name.

Blood for a Silver Dollar

Giuliano Gemma (as Montgomery Wood) - Gary O'Hara
Ida Galli (as Evelyn Stewart) - Judy O'Hara
Pierre Cressoy (as Peter Cross) - McCory/ Max Cory/McCoy/Aloysius MacKenzie
Giuseppe Addobbati ... Donaldson (as John Mac Douglas)
Franco Fantasia ... Sheriff Anderson (as Frank Farrel)
Tullio Altamura (as Tor Altmayer) - Peter
Massimo Righi (as Max Dean) - Brad
Francisco Fantasia (as Frank Farrel) - Sheriff George Anderson
Andrea Scotti (as Andrew Scott) - Slim
Nazzareno Zamperla (as Nicholas Saint John) - Phil O'Hara
Giuseppe Addobbati (as John MacDouglas) - Donaldson
Alfredo Rizzo - Buddy
Benito Stefanelli (as Benny Reeves) - Jim
Directed by        Calvin Jakson Padget

Giuliano Gemma plays a Confederate soldier who returns from the war to fight one at home. Prior to his release from the Prisoner of War camp his pistol has its barrel sawn off.

He is informed of a new gangster in town named "Black Jack" who has wreaked havoc in the community. Gemma agrees to kill the man, only to discover too late that the outlaw is actually his brother, which his employers had known all along. With vengeance he turns on his employers, who then shoot him.

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Adios Gringo/Blood on a Silver Dollar [DVD]

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