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Ada (1961) [DVD] [NTSC-0]

Ada (1961) [DVD] [NTSC-0]

starring Dean Martin & Susan Hayward

also starring
- Martin Balsam

Directed by Daniel Mann

Genre: Drama

Bo Gillis is running for Governor. Steve writes the speeches, Sylvester runs the campaign and Bo plays the guitar. Everything is going according to the plan until a hooker named Ada is setup with Bo one night. Even with her past, Bo decides to marry her, must to the astonishment of everyone. After the election, she has a created bio and is very adept at handling people. Bo Gillis, as Governor, finds that he has little influence as Sylvester runs the whole operation. Bo's function is only to sign what is given to him. But while Bo is weak and fails to push his reforms, Ada is strong and adept at doing what is best for Bo and her.

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Ada (1961)  [DVD]       [NTSC-0]