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Acquasanta Joe [DVD]

Acquasanta Joe [DVD]

English audio

Holy Water Joe
Italy 1971

Director : Mario Gariazzo  
Cast : Richard Harrisson - Lincoln Tate - Ty Hardin  

Label: C'est la Vie

- widescreen - Pal / 2

At the end of the Civil War soldiers returning home find that their killing ways are no longer required. One gang of ex-soldiers led by Colonel Donavan a slick dude with a stolen cannon as his weapon of choice. The gang want to find an old accomplice, Charlie Bennett who has disappeared with the proceeds from one of the bank robberies. They offer a $ 10.000 dollar reward for finding him.
Bounty hunter Acquasanta Joe decides to claim the reward. He finds Bennett in a whorehouse and takes him to Donavan’s camp.Bennett is actually a decoy, Acquasanta Joe wants to bring in the whole of Donavan’s gang and claim the reward and has to fight a vicious gang armed with a cannon, using only a bow and arrows with naked cunning.

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Acquasanta Joe [DVD]