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Vier für ein Ave Maria (DVD)

Vier für ein Ave Maria (DVD)

Ace High

I Quattro dell'Ave Maria

directed by Giuseppe Colizzi
italy 1968

- Bud Spencer
- Eli Wallach
- Terence Hill

Cacopulos is a type who already has the noose around his neck, when he happens to receive an advantageous offer from the president of the bank who wants to take revenge on Cat and Hutch and recover the money
which he had been forced to hand over to them.Cacopulos accepts, but as soon as he is free, he recalls that it was the banker himself who had been one of the people to condemn him unjustly, and he kills him.Then he goes off on his own account to look for Cat and Hutch. He soon finds them, and carries off the stolen money.By now he is rich, and wants to vindicate himself for his unjust condemnation. Slowly the list of names diminishes, and one man remains, Drake, which is practically the master of Fair City.However the young man is tempted by the gambling table in Drake’s saloon and soon loses all the money in his possession.Meantime Cat and Hutch turn up in Fair City, where they see that Cacapulos has to wash plates in a hotel to make ends meet.
But here the recovery of positions begins. In fact the three men divide up their jobs : Cat and Hutch go into the gambling-house and force the croupier to make  a regular match ; Cacopolus not only gets back all his money in this way, but settles accounts with Drake as well.
Audio: English,German  
optional german or english subtitles
label: Paramount - Factory Sealed

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Vier für ein Ave Maria (DVD)