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A Thunder of Drums [DVD] [NTSC-0]

A Thunder of Drums [DVD] [NTSC-0]

starring Richard Boone

also starring
- George Hamilton
- Luana Patten
- Arthur O'Connell
- Charles Bronson
- Richard Chamberlain

directed by Jospeh Newman

label: WB Archive Collection

NTSC / All Regions

English audio - widescreen

"Bachelors make the best soldiers," declares Capt. Stephen Maddocks (Richard Boone), who knows the West can only be tamed by men as single-minded as he is. So with renegade Indians on the warpath, he has no patience for the love triangle that erupts between greenhorn officers (George Hamilton and James Douglas) and a beauty (Luana Patten) promised to one of them - or for the chaos he knows it will cause.  

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A Thunder of Drums [DVD]  [NTSC-0]