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a Long ride from hell [DVD]

a Long ride from hell [DVD]

audio: German,English,Italian - starring Steve Reeves

Django - Ich bin ei entflohener Ketten Sträfling
Vivo per lu tua morte
I live for your death

also starring  
- Wayde Preston
- Rosalba Neri
- Dick Palmer

Directed by Luigi Bazzoni  
Italy 1968


Label: Savoy - Factory Sealed

The Sturges family is robbed of a large group of horses, the fruit of long years of work. Tracy, the only cowboy to escape from the bandits, goes back wounded to the ranch. Mike, and his brother Roy and Rob, go off to look for the stolen horses. During a halt in their journey, Mike is approached by a friend, Majner, who advises him not to go on with the search in that area. While they are going back to the camp, Mike falls into an ambush and is wounded by the treacherous Majner, who later on attacks a mail-train, with his companions, and takes possession of the gold. The suprises for our hero are not yet over : in fact they find the body of Bob at the camp, and then Mike is accused of the train robbery and put in Yuma penitentiary.But he doesn’t stay there long….

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a Long ride from hell [DVD]

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