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A Lesson in Love [DVD]

A Lesson in Love [DVD]

Swedish audio - English subtitles

En Lektion i Kärlek (1954)

directed by Ingmar Bergman


This engaging domestic comedy finds Swedish master Ingmar Bergman - more often associated with sombre, stark dramas - in one of his lighter moments. Gunnar Björnstrand and Eva Dahlbeck star as David and Marianne Erneman, a couple who have been married for 16 years and find themselves in need of a little diversion. David, who is a gynaecologist, throws professional parameters to the wind and embarks on an affair with one of his patients, while Marianne, in retaliation, promptly departs for Copenhagen to take up with an old flame, Carl-Adam (Åke Grönberg) - who also happens to be David's oldest friend. It is only when his own affair ends and he spends the day with his teenage daughter, Nix (Harriet Andersson), that David decides to try to follow Marianne to Denmark and try to win her back.

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A Lesson in Love  [DVD]