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7 Dolares al Rojo [DVD]

7 Dolares al Rojo [DVD]

Seven dollars to kill

Sette dollari sul rosso
7 dollars to kill
Django die Geier stehen Schlange

Italy / Spain 1966
Directed by Alberto Cardone

Starring :
- Anthony Steffen
- Fernando Sancho
- Loredana Nusciak
- Carla Calo
- Jerry Wilson( Roberto Miali )
- Elisa Montes
- Spartaco Conversi
- Gianni Manera.

Johnny Ashley has become a ruthless outlaw-killer in the hope of exacting his revenge on a Mexican bandit, the Jackal, who has killed his wife and kidnapped his little child, Jerry. The latter, in the meantime, brought up by the Jackal as if he were his true son, has become a cruel outlaw as well.  

Audio: English,Italian,Spanish  
-  Widescreen - Region free

label : Creative World

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7 Dolares al Rojo [DVD]

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