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21 Hours at Munich (1976) [DVD]

21 Hours at Munich (1976) [DVD]

starring Franco Nero

- Franco Nero
- William Holden
- Paul Smith
- Shirley Knight
- Anthony Quale
- Richard Basehart.

directed by William A Graham
Genre: Thriller

Based on the true story of terrorism striking at the 1972 Olympics in Germany, this film does not spare viewers the violence and intensity of the real event. A Munich police chief learns that during the games a group of Palestinian extremists have kidnapped members of the Israeli team. With the help of a brave policewoman, the cops negotiate with the terrorists in an attempt to buy time until the authorities can devise a rescue plan. As time ticks away, the skirmishes escalate into gunplay and ultimately, bloodshed, with the athletes caught in the crossfire.

audio: English,German,French

- subt: Dutch,English,German,French


Region 2

Label: MGM,Europe
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21 Hours at Munich (1976) [DVD]