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Evil animals triple feature (3 DVD Boxed Set)[NTSC-0]

Evil animals triple feature (3 DVD Boxed Set)[NTSC-0]

Audio: Engels


Label: Shriek Show
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Grizzly An eighteen-foot, two thousand pound Grizzly bear terrorizes campers and hikers at a state park. This frustrates the head Park Ranger (Christopher George) and decides to hunt it down. His efforts however were thwarted by the Park Supervisor (Joe Dorsey) and many drunk hunters into the areas. After the bear kills another campers, two rangers, a hunter and a little boy and his mother, the ranger employs his friend, a Naturalist (Richard Jaeckel) to find the bear and tranquilize it. But he gets killed. Finally with the help of a Helicopter Pilot (Andrew Prine) the ranger goes in pursuit to finally kill it with any means necessary with rifles and a rocket launcher. It is to the end when they realize the bear is much stronger than they imagined.

Day Of The Animals The depletion of the earth's ozone layer causes animals above the altitude of 5000 feet to run amok, which is very unfortunate for a group of hikers who get dropped off up there by helicopter just before the quarantine is announced.

Devil Dog Starring Richard Crena and Kim Richards.Eerie '70's horror gem pitting a relatively normal suburban family against an enslaving demonically possessed German shepherd whose hunger for human souls far exceeds that of the normal household pet. Although not above resorting to the usual throat mauling, the satanic psycho-pup's preferred method of attack is to supernaturally cause the deaths of various friends and neighbors, in a style reminiscent of The Omen.

Audio: English

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Evil animals triple feature (3 DVD Boxed Set)[NTSC-0]